How to Style and Care for Baby Headbands with Ellie + Coco

Headbands for babies are a super cute way to dress up any baby girl outfits. There are many options for newborn and baby headbands including baby bows on nylon bands, baby headwraps and even baby turban hats. 

Baby headbands and bows are also an adorable accessory to compliment a baby outfit for a wedding, family photoshoot or special occasion like Christmas or a first birthday. Whether your baby has lots of hair or no hair at all Baby girl bows and headbands are a perfect way to add a pop of colour or pretty design to their outfit.

Our collection of baby bows on nylon bands and baby headwraps are all handmade in Canada with soft and stretchy fabrics making our baby headbands safe and comfortable for their precious little heads. Shop our wide collection of styles, patterns and colours here.

Baby hair bands are definitely an adorable way to accessorize a babies outfit but you may have some questions which we've got answers for!

Are Headbands Ok for Babies?

As safe as our infant bows are, there are steps you should take to ensure your baby's safety.

Before Putting a Nylon Headband on Baby

Stretch the baby headband out a little by hand first so that it will not be too tight on your baby's head. After the first wear the nylon band will stay stretched out to the perfect size for your baby's head and will grow with her as her head grows so you will get lots of use out of it. Our nylon bows can comfortably stretch all the way from newborn to adult! For smaller newborns they are perfect baby bows for small heads as the nylon band starts off very small.









Placement is essential for a baby headband that doesn't slip off or down over their face. Place the headband so their forehead is not covered but not too far back that it will slip off the back.

The perfect placement of a baby hair bow is right on top of their head, centered or off to one side.

When Are Baby Headbands Not Safe?

Do not leave baby unattended when she is wearing a headband as she could potentially pull it down around her neck. this means baby headbands should be removed when baby goes down for a nap or at bedtime. Baby turbans should be taken off as well as they could end up being pulled down and covering her face while she is sleeping.

Do Baby Headbands Need to be Washed?

Sometimes baby may pull off her headband and it could get stained. If so you may be wondering, can I wash baby bows? Baby headbands only need to be washed if they get dirty or stained. Baby bows on nylon should be spot cleaned by hand while our baby headwraps can be washed in a gentle cold cycle and air dried to prevent any shrinking.

How to Organize Baby Headbands

Once you start a collection of bows you may wonder where to store baby headbands. Some ideas include storing them in a shallow drawer, a jewelry stand for bracelets/necklaces or on wall hooks.









Final Thoughts

Baby headbands and bows are as cute as can be and will definitely add a special touch to baby's overall look. We love to see how you style your babe in their Ellie + Coco hair accessories so be sure to tag us on Instagram @shop.ellieandcoco

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